Infinitode 2 - Update 1.8.9 - Pre-season cleaning

This is basically an organizational update before we start working on the seasonal update and new content. In addition to the list of changes, we have some important news for you. List of changes (iOS) Equalizer tile now visible on iOS but will generate random spectrum (platform's limitation). It will also show a random spectrum when music is turned off on any platform. (Dev mode / modding) Added many new options to the Equalizer tile editor Highlighted the "Skip tutorials" button Added Terms and Conditions page ( click here to read Terms and Conditions ) and links to it Bans are now visible in player profiles. Banned players will receive a message Preview of news in the main menu is now properly translated if game's language is not English Double Gain can be linked to accounts and synchronized between devices without loading from cloud Added Mailbox to the main menu. Daily quest rewards will appear as a new message there Added "Account settings" menu which

Infinitode 2 - Update 1.8.8

List of changes: Fixed 25 bugs Added new experimental features: "Multithreaded rendering" may help increasing FPS in a projectile-heavy scenarios Graphics scale can be used to reduce the load on your GPU Clean detailed mode adds transparency to the projectiles and particles so you can see the map through them Rendering performance improvements (Android) Added new rewarding ads provider (in attempt to fix an old issue ) Skill points can be exchanged for a "Skilled" badge in your profile. Skill points are obtained through the Daily quests Seasonal leaderboard now shows top 200 players and their pinned badges Player profile pages should load much faster now (modding / dev mode) UPS is no longer capped to 2s of in-game time (modding / dev mode) Enemy textures are now stored in the EnemySystem and can be changed by scripts (modding / dev mode) SideMenu containers can now be accessed through the SideMenu's fields, some fields became public Level 6.3 Fix: sometimes tow

ITD3 Dev news #2 - Performance survey results

Infinitode 2 has been running a device survey since Aug '22 with the consent of the players. Thanks to everyone who have participated in our survey! Survey results are available at   The purpose of this survey The collected data will help us better understand which devices we should aim for and which features we should / should not use in our upcoming game. I've also made it publicly available, just in case anyone would need it too. Conclusions Note: all of the statistics are collected from the devices supported by Infinitode 2. Although its requirements are quite low, some of the older / low end devices were not taken into account which makes these statistics slightly off the real-world values.   Applying the filters according to the Infinitode 3 requirements shows that 98.96% of Desktop and 96.22% of Android Infinitode 2 players will still be able to play the sequel Android Documentation states that OpenGL ES 3.0 should be supported by A

ITD3 Dev news #1 - The announcement

The state of things As we have mentioned before through the in-game news of Infinitode 2, we are currently busy supporting Infinitode 2 and preparing it to be released in China. In the meantime, Infinitode 3 is being in development, and this blog is meant to shed some light on this process.  It is been a long time since the last update for Infinitode 2 has came out but things will change soon. The reason for such a big delay is simple - if I start working on the next update, the Chinese version of the game will be delayed again, and we have already spent a couple of years on that. As soon as it gets released, I'll begin to work on the next update for Infinitode 2. But, enough talking about that, something tells me you are here to know more about the next game. Infinitode 3 (name is not final) Another (tower defense) game where I'll do my best to use all of the prior experience and your feedback to create something even better.  Currently this game is in its early stage of the d


Welcome! This is a place where I'm going to tell you more about the upcoming title, which will be called "Infinitode 3" while being in development. Another Blog? We have decided to use some simple blogging platform instead of the in-game news, for many reasons: No need to translate the articles - browsers can do that on demand It is more convenient for us It is even more convenient for the players and allows them to leave comments News can be found in Google / blog does not require the game to be installed / text can be copied and shared etc. But the main reason is a convenience - we can simply drop another article here and won't bother with the compatibility with the game's engine. Hopefully, this will also mean we will update you more frequently. Some other links Infinitode Official on Discord  - join if you wish to stay up to the news, communicate with players or get some help. Probably all of the latest news will also be discussed there. Infinitode on Reddit