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Infinitode 2 - Update 1.8.9 - Pre-season cleaning

This is basically an organizational update before we start working on the seasonal update and new content. In addition to the list of changes, we have some important news for you. List of changes (iOS) Equalizer tile now visible on iOS but will generate random spectrum (platform's limitation). It will also show a random spectrum when music is turned off on any platform. (Dev mode / modding) Added many new options to the Equalizer tile editor Highlighted the "Skip tutorials" button Added Terms and Conditions page ( click here to read Terms and Conditions ) and links to it Bans are now visible in player profiles. Banned players will receive a message Preview of news in the main menu is now properly translated if game's language is not English Double Gain can be linked to accounts and synchronized between devices without loading from cloud Added Mailbox to the main menu. Daily quest rewards will appear as a new message there Added "Account settings" menu which