Infinitode 2 - Update 1.8.9 - Pre-season cleaning

This is basically an organizational update before we start working on the seasonal update and new content.

In addition to the list of changes, we have some important news for you.

List of changes

  • (iOS) Equalizer tile now visible on iOS but will generate random spectrum (platform's limitation). It will also show a random spectrum when music is turned off on any platform.
  • (Dev mode / modding) Added many new options to the Equalizer tile editor
  • Highlighted the "Skip tutorials" button
  • Added Terms and Conditions page (click here to read Terms and Conditions) and links to it
  • Bans are now visible in player profiles. Banned players will receive a message
  • Preview of news in the main menu is now properly translated if game's language is not English
  • Double Gain can be linked to accounts and synchronized between devices without loading from cloud
  • Added Mailbox to the main menu. Daily quest rewards will appear as a new message there
  • Added "Account settings" menu which allows to review / manage your transactions and account statuses. It also allows to confirm your email - you may need it later but this feature is available already
  • Steam can be linked to the in-game account, which will allow one-click sign. It will also link a Double Gain to your account if you've purchased the game on Steam
  • Improvements on the server's side
  • (Android) Replaced rewarding ads provider - consent window may appear once again on the first launch of the game, sorry for the inconvenience
  • Added experimental implementation of a Premium account status
  • Minor UI/visual tweaks
  • (Android) Fixed a couple of platform-specific bugs to prevent crashes
  • Added "Players" tab to the in-game browser. Players can be sorted by level, badge progress and some other stats. Also "Search by nickname" feature is now available 
  • Double Gain and Premium status can be disabled in Settings (this won't make them longer, only disable if you don't want them)

Few notes:

  • Account statuses should be available even if there's no Internet connection. Statuses will be applied automatically to any of your local progress when you sign in into your account. If you don't want any of the statuses, you can toggle them off in Settings
  • Double Gain won't be linked automatically to your account, just in case you want to link it to some other account. You can do this manually through the Account Settings menu
  • It is not possible to unlink Steam account or migrate account statuses, so be careful

Premium status

The main purpose of this status is to increase account credibility - we are working on some new and exciting features that involve player-to-player and player-to-server interaction. 

These features increase server load, require manual moderation and increase the risk of abuse by users who can create a bunch of accounts for free.

This status does not unlock any new items and is not required to access any of the existing features of the game.

...well, ok, I believe it is no longer a secret for those who have read our ToS and announcements on Discord - we are still working on the Community maps and may deliver them some day, but every single map / script tile has to be checked carefully. 

Note that Premium won't be required to download or play them, only to submit new maps, thus lack of Premium won't restrict players in any meaningful way. We may also run some kind of early access stage of Community maps for Premium owners to reduce the load and minimize risks.

We have also noticed that players like to post videos on YouTube and wholeheartedly hope that this will allow someone to succeed in this matter - one of the features we are working on is an integration of YouTube chanels into player profiles, which also requires slightly higher account credibility and will be available to the owners if this status.

Premium status will also allow you to receive all of the rewards you could normally receive for free from the rewarding ads that are only available on iOS / Android, so it basically works as "disable ads" feature and equalizes playing conditions for mobile platforms and Steam.

This status has also a couple of side effects once it becomes purchaseable on Steam:

  • We'll be able to introduce trading cards! They are not available for a completely free games
  • Players who want to receive rewards for ads / support us will no longer need to run Android emulators

And to be completely fair with you, this is a way for me to receive anything for maintaining this game on Steam - Infinitode 3 is way beyond the capabilities of a single developer and I really need to hire some skilled people. 

This is the way to go if you want to support my work and I'll be extremely grateful to everyone who will help me to carry out the development of the next game.

Ways to obtain Premium

It can't be purchased yet, and won't be for sale during the whole Season 3.

We will grant this status to those who really needs it or is an honored member of our community, because we believe it is fair and well deserved (but please don't ask for it - we'll discuss it in Discord).

Some of the YouTube authors will also receive it for free.

Now may I have your attention please:

In addition, the leaders of the second season will receive Premium status as an additional reward:

- Top 1 - Permanent

- Top 10 - For the whole season

- Top 200 - 1 month

- Top 400 - 2 weeks

Besides, to make this reward more valuable, we want to give them as a Steam items you can exchange / sell. This way, even if you have received Premium for any of the reasons mentioned above, it will still remain meaningful and valuable for you.

And to make it even more interesting, Top 200 Premium status items will be marked with "season number - place - nickname" (if Steam allows that - please leave a comment if you know if it is possible).

Premium items will remain in your inventory if you choose to keep them but can also be used (and will disappear) to link a Premium status to an account for the duration specified.

Note: these are mostly our plans, they may be slightly changed if some of them are impossible to implement.

Thank you for staying with us! 


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