Infinitode 2 - Update 1.8.8

List of changes:

  • Fixed 25 bugs
  • Added new experimental features:
    • "Multithreaded rendering" may help increasing FPS in a projectile-heavy scenarios
    • Graphics scale can be used to reduce the load on your GPU
    • Clean detailed mode adds transparency to the projectiles and particles so you can see the map through them
  • Rendering performance improvements
  • (Android) Added new rewarding ads provider (in attempt to fix an old issue)
  • Skill points can be exchanged for a "Skilled" badge in your profile. Skill points are obtained through the Daily quests
  • Seasonal leaderboard now shows top 200 players and their pinned badges
  • Player profile pages should load much faster now
  • (modding / dev mode) UPS is no longer capped to 2s of in-game time
  • (modding / dev mode) Enemy textures are now stored in the EnemySystem and can be changed by scripts
  • (modding / dev mode) SideMenu containers can now be accessed through the SideMenu's fields, some fields became public
  • Level 6.3 Fix: sometimes towers did not switch from the boss to a regular enemies (for example, Minigun targeting First)
  • Removed performance survey (results are available in our blog)
  • Level 6.5
  • New tiles: Equalizer, Quad - do not drop as a regular loot but may be obtained as a rewards / used in modding
  • (modding / dev mode) Developer console history and various improvements
  • Buff tile can now act as a final global multiplier for some effect, already used on level 6.5
  • (modding / dev mode) Lua now correctly handles byte[] and does not convert it to/from String
  • (modding / dev mode) New drawable type: Quad (taken from Infinitode 3, editor not included)
  • Reduced memory usage, the game should now be more stable
  • Added music player button into the Pause menu
  • Better formatting for Buff tile effects
  • Base tile menu now also shows level effects obtained from Wave quests
  • Various performance and memory usage improvements

Important for Android users: minimum Android version is now 5.0 (SDK 21, which is already 8 years old) - Google and many other library providers no longer support the older versions of Android OS.

Important for iOS users: iOS backend has a limited support for audio devices, Equalizer tiles won't be visible on this OS, sorry.

I hope you'll enjoy this update! 


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