ITD3 Dev news #2 - Performance survey results

Infinitode 2 has been running a device survey since Aug '22 with the consent of the players. Thanks to everyone who have participated in our survey!

Survey results are available at 

The purpose of this survey

The collected data will help us better understand which devices we should aim for and which features we should / should not use in our upcoming game. I've also made it publicly available, just in case anyone would need it too.


Note: all of the statistics are collected from the devices supported by Infinitode 2. Although its requirements are quite low, some of the older / low end devices were not taken into account which makes these statistics slightly off the real-world values.  
Also, some interesting (or not) info:
I hope you'll find these statistics interesting or useful

- Rainy


  1. Salut. J'espère que le français n'est pas dérangeant si je ne peux pas communiquer avec vous en français, je le ferais en anglais bien que ce ne soit pas ma langue maternelle. Je voulais savoir, comment peut on devenir testeur de infinitode 3? J'ai joué sur le 1 et le 2 et je n'avais jamais vu autant de choix pour les tours, leurs fonctions, les arbres de compétences, je kiffe grave. J'aimerais vraiment pouvoir essayer ce nouveau jeu que je sens réalisé par des passionnés. Merci à toute l'équipe, j'adore votre travail. Merci à vous.

    1. Me too, I would love to try the long-awaited sequel, of course, after Infinitode 2 China

  2. Oh, I use a galaxy tab A as asset so infinitode 2 run on it beautifully nd I hope the third will run too.
    Keep up good work.

  3. Artstyle - not decided yet, tower variety - completely different and uncountable, challenge difficulty - probably the same but more balanced, challenge variety - definitely above 0.5. Can't be more precise at this moment, all I have is a list of goals and nothing to measure

  4. Hi. I love the way it is. The graphics, the difficulty, the gameplay, more new challenge can be great, but the all game is cool... so for me, do it as you like it. And you did it well on the last one so keep up the good work.
    And thanks for all the pleasure you give us.

  5. In future im suggest add chart's. :)

  6. Will it be possible to transfer part of the progress from version 2 to version 3?

    1. It will not be possible to transfer all of the progress (because it is mostly local / can be cheated) but I'll do my best to migrate accounts and some of the data / valuable stats linked to them


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