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ITD3 Dev news #2 - Performance survey results

Infinitode 2 has been running a device survey since Aug '22 with the consent of the players. Thanks to everyone who have participated in our survey! Survey results are available at   The purpose of this survey The collected data will help us better understand which devices we should aim for and which features we should / should not use in our upcoming game. I've also made it publicly available, just in case anyone would need it too. Conclusions Note: all of the statistics are collected from the devices supported by Infinitode 2. Although its requirements are quite low, some of the older / low end devices were not taken into account which makes these statistics slightly off the real-world values.   Applying the filters according to the Infinitode 3 requirements shows that 98.96% of Desktop and 96.22% of Android Infinitode 2 players will still be able to play the sequel Android Documentation states that OpenGL ES 3.0 should be supported by A