This is a place where I'm going to tell you more about the upcoming title, which will be called "Infinitode 3" while being in development.

Another Blog?

We have decided to use some simple blogging platform instead of the in-game news, for many reasons:

  • No need to translate the articles - browsers can do that on demand
  • It is more convenient for us
  • It is even more convenient for the players and allows them to leave comments
  • News can be found in Google / blog does not require the game to be installed / text can be copied and shared etc.
But the main reason is a convenience - we can simply drop another article here and won't bother with the compatibility with the game's engine. Hopefully, this will also mean we will update you more frequently.

Some other links

Infinitode Official on Discord - join if you wish to stay up to the news, communicate with players or get some help. Probably all of the latest news will also be discussed there.

Infinitode on Reddit - well, you probably know what is Reddit for, and I regularly check it too.

In-game news of Infinitode 2. We will still notify you there if new article is being published.

- Rainy (therainycat) *

* Throughout this blog, "I" will refer to the author of the article and "We" will refer to everyone in the Prineside team - at this moment "we" are therainycat, Zeraco and Marshall

A (totally secret) secret code for you: 
You can use it in Infinitode 2 -> Settings -> Secret code. The code will expire in 7 days.


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  2. hmmmm realmente muito bom ver que você ainda esta trabalhando em atualizações e outros planejamentos, isso é algo incrivel, eu adoro jogar infinitode 2 é um jogo realmente bom e ate hoje eu ainda não enjoei de jogar ( tenho varias horas de jogo online) mas é gratificante saber que sera lançado o infinitode 3 tomare que seja tão bom quanto o infinitode 2 !
    (obrigado pelo codigo :) vai ajudar muitooooo)


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