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Infinitode 2 - Update 1.8.8

List of changes: Fixed 25 bugs Added new experimental features: "Multithreaded rendering" may help increasing FPS in a projectile-heavy scenarios Graphics scale can be used to reduce the load on your GPU Clean detailed mode adds transparency to the projectiles and particles so you can see the map through them Rendering performance improvements (Android) Added new rewarding ads provider (in attempt to fix an old issue ) Skill points can be exchanged for a "Skilled" badge in your profile. Skill points are obtained through the Daily quests Seasonal leaderboard now shows top 200 players and their pinned badges Player profile pages should load much faster now (modding / dev mode) UPS is no longer capped to 2s of in-game time (modding / dev mode) Enemy textures are now stored in the EnemySystem and can be changed by scripts (modding / dev mode) SideMenu containers can now be accessed through the SideMenu's fields, some fields became public Level 6.3 Fix: sometimes tow